Kutch beckons

Early morning on a not so cold December morning  all particpants from Bombay & Baroda arrive at Bhuj for 5 days of birding in what can be called an extraordianry birding destination. We are given a warm welcome by our Group leaders, Dr. Jugal Kishore Tiwari who runs CEDO at Moti Virani and Nkihil Bhopale of BNHS who along with Mr. S.N. Varu will unviel the splendours of nature over the next few days. More of these 3 gentlemen given in the information section at the end of this blog.

After quick introductions & getting acqainted with each other, we head for Nakhatrana - 52 kms away which will serve as our base for the camp. Our birding starts shortly afterwe settle in, freshen refurbish ourselves. Our first halt is at Layyari river & thornforest.

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