some lifers

Post lunch Jugal promises us a date with 2 very special species. But hold your breath, - on the way we see a Macqueen's Bustard that quickly scampers into the bush before I catch him on my lens. Well that is part of birding!

The first picture shows the thorny habitat & we walk through this thorn scurb area straining our eyes to catch the slightest movement or flutter. Part of the fun of birding is not only watching species easily sighted, but scanning the area for that unique bird. Jugal knows every part of this area & is training his eyes intently

And voila! whe have spotted the Stoliczsha's bushchat, a migratory bird seen in this area

Another view of the bird with its habitat in the background

Caught another interesting species - the Graceful Prinia that keeps flitting in this bush & certainly keeps us at a respectful distance, giving litle opportunity to catch it on the lens

Both these birds are lifers for me & possibly for other members of the group too.
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