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Kutch is located in the Northwestern state of  Gujarat in India.Bhuj, the district headquarters is well connected with Bombay through 2 fast overnight trains. there is a daily flight from Bombay-Bhuj. For those coming from other parts of India, Ahmedabad or Baroda would be good starting points.
From Bhuj, our base of Nakhatrana is 55 kms. the ancient ruins of Dholavira are about 140 kms. Hiring your own vehicle is essential as connectivity is poor.
For a wonderful trip I would like to thank
1.       Bombay Natural History Society for organising the trip & especially Nikhil Bhopale who is a very knowledgeable & enthusiastic birder. For more details visit

2.       Dr. Jugal Kishore Tiwari of CEDO birding who not only made excellent arrangements, but with his vast knowledge and experience of the birdlife of the area could take us to just the right spot at the right time. If Kutch is on your birding itinerary, then Jugal is the person to be in contact with. Contact
3.       Mr. Shantilal Varu a long time veteran of birding in Kutch and like Jugal knows every bird
4.       My fellow camp members and especially my room-mate & long time friends Anila Mistry & Nina Bhatt for making the trip wonderful
5.       The drivers, - Bhikabhai Rabari  team for the long drives through some very rough terrain & the special tea made on wood-fire!
6.       How can I forget all the birds &  few animals who made their appearance to add the touch of excitement and fulfill the purpose of the trip!

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